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Adam Asnan
Inconsistent Images
CD (E155)


Belgium £13 (including postage)

Europe £15 (including postage)

Rest of world £17 (including postage)

Edition of 220 copies

Co-published with Senufo Editions

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Inconsistent Images includes three works of musique concrète composed in 2012. The title is derived from the observation of inconsistencies in stereo image,

but also describes the destabilisation of certain media, utilised for their musical properties, and at the same time suggesting a pseudo-visual response.


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I know Asnan from his work with the trio VAAALR (with Vasco Alves and Louie Rice) — this is rather different from 

their music. The site describes the three pieces as musique concrète but the immediate sensation is one of advanced glitch and it’s really fascinating, dense 

but fluid, busy but unforced, a quasi-tonal repeated thread running through silvery and rapid electronic noise with bass blasts more felt than heard. That textural range is beautifully presented (partially due to Giuseppe Ielasi’s mastering,
I’m guessing); there’s a vast sonic distance between sounds. Track one recalls [David] Tudor but more slippery
while the other two seem to have at least a portion of their source in string work

of some kind (cello or bass?). I was reminded a bit of the classic, late ’90s work of John Wall here and there but 

this music is more visceral, extremely present and, for lack of a better term, three-dimensional. You feel as though 

you can reach into the air and surround 

it with your hands. Fine work, wonderfully unspooled, utterly captivating — one of my favourite things this year.

Brian Olewnick at Just Outside

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