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Cassette (E258)

Belgium £12 (including postage)

Europe £14 (including postage)

Rest of world £16 (including postage)

Edition of 80 copies

Mastered by Yves De Mey

1. Low Tide
2. When Things Fall
3. A Lament
4. For a Friend
5. Dreamachine
6. When it Floods 
7. Still Water 
8. Run Deep

Watershed is composer Itzik Gil Avizohar’s debut album, a sonic diary

of different scenes, experiences, states

of mind and consciousness, recorded

in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Naples, Venice, Hamburg and Berlin over the past three years. The album features contributions from double-bass player Erez Meyuhass, London-based noiser Vera Spektor,

and the black metal trio Karkait. 


Originally from Jerusalem, Avizohar is

a member of the art collective Studio Straus and the industrial duo Kashaiof.

Watershed album presentation 

at Hazira, Tel Aviv, June 2022



Photo by Tamir Faingold

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