Blueprint #1
Hans Demeulenaere and Esther Venrooy
Ostend, 28 March — 5 May 2009

According to Hans Demeulenaere and Esther Venrooy,
all architecture is alive. Taking this as their starting point,
the artists built a site-specific installation in a grand,
vacant belle-époque-era mansion in Ostend, Belgium.
The architectural and acoustic qualities of the house were
analysed with the purpose of being reconstructed and
transposed to spaces across the building. Through their
collaboration Demeulenaere and Venrooy attempt to
reconcile architecture and sound in a suggestive and
poetic manner, whereby memory of and movement
through the space will dictate the subjective, physical
and mental experience of this unique house.

Hans Demeulenaere (1974, Ostend) is a visual and
installation artist. His work has been featured in Be-Part
(2006, Waregem) and BUDAFest (2007, Kortrijk).

Esther Venrooy (1974, Rosmalen, The Netherlands)
is a composer and sound artist working in the field of
electronic music.

Blueprint #2, a documentation of the project in writing,
photography, and architectural drawing, has been
published in an edition of 500 copies. The linked PDF
version contains commissioned texts by Edith Doove
and architect and engineer Sven Sterken.

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Blueprint #1, Ostend 2009 (© Hans Demeulenaere and Esther Venrooy)