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Filter Feeder
Pleasure Cycle/Peak Oil/13/11
12" (E44)


Belgium £16.50 (including postage)

Europe £18.50 (including postage)

Rest of world £23 (including postage)


Edition of 200 copies

Julian Doyle is an electronic composer, percussionist and DJ. Equal passions 

for rhythm and sound exploration are combined in Filter Feeder’s recordings and live performances by way of an electro-accoustic set up using self-built percussion instruments which are amplified and densely processed, along-side vintage analogue drum synthesisers which are further processed in real time. Found sound and field recordings are also frequently utilised. 


The three tracks on this 12" were all recorded in single takes during studio sessions between 2005-6.

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Out of print



Julian Doyle, aka Filter Feeder, takes sound sources as diverse as raw wave-forms, washing machines or the human voice and filters and layers them “until 

I have something that comes alive”. 

On Pleasure Cycle, the sounds are thin, reedy and microtonal, but the pendulum-like rhythmic loops Doyle sets up slowly became naggingly eerie. The track’s signature two-note pulse suggests some kind of siren being experienced through 

a hallucinogenically altered haze. Doyle has an intuitive and expressive touch 

with his microtonal explorations, however, always returning elliptically to warm overtones and lending an almost amniotic warmth to this fine track.

Derek Walmsley in The Wire



Filter Feeder’s set-up, Aalst, 2007

Photo by Esther Venrooy

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