Yôko Higashi (1974, Yokohama, Japan) is a performer,
vocalist, butoh dancer and choreographer based in Lyon,
France. Her work has been widely played on French
national radio, diffused at the GRM (Présences électro-
nique, 2012), and commended at Metamorphose in
Brussels in 2008.

hamaYôko [YouTube]
Yôko Higashi/Lionel Marchetti [YouTube]


Vue par… CD (E170)
Entr’acte, 2014
Triptyque de l’oeil CD (E99)
Entr’acte, 2011
Pétrole CD (E70)
Entr’acte, 2009
SHASO –train window– 12" (E68)
Entr’acte, 2009
Retronica CD (E61)
Entr’acte, 2008
Ygun –n9– CD (E52)
Entr’acte, 2008
hamaYôko 4/29 CD (E48)
Entr’acte, 2007

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