Creating densely textured works that can range from stark minimalism
to violent, carefully directed chaos, Haptic combines a rigorous attention
to sonic detail with restless experimentalism. Formed in Chicago in
the spring of 2005 by Steven Hess (Cleared, RLYR, Innode, ex-Dropp
Ensemble), Joseph Clayton Mills (Maar, Partial, Jonathan Chen, ex-
Dropp Ensemble), and Adam Sonderberg (ex-Dropp Ensemble),
Haptic was initially conceived as a vehicle for live collaboration. To that end,
the group has frequently incorporated a different, rotating fourth member,
deliberately chosen to send the music in unpredictable and challenging
directions. Such collaborators have ranged from Tony Buck (The Necks)
and Olivia Block to Mark Solotroff (BLOODYMINDED) and Tim Barnes.

Individual members of the group have recorded for a multitude of labels
including Kranky, Crouton, Editions Mego, Longbox Recordings, Relapse
Records, Utech, Cathnor, Tonschacht, Absurd, Thrill Jockey, BOXmedia,
and Suppedaneum, amongst others.

See also


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Unfathomless, 2017
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Notice Recordings, 2015
Abeyance CD (E168)
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The Patient CD/book (E167)
Joseph Clayton Mills
Entr’acte, 2013
Ay cassette (E131)
Joseph Clayton Mills and Michael Vallera
Entr’acte, 2012

Scilens CD (E127)
Entr’acte, 2011
American Hours with German Efficiency
cassette (E116)

Adam Sonderberg solo
Entr’acte, 2011
Leaving my shadow still to be with you
cassette (E105)

Joseph Clayton Mills solo
Entr’acte, 2010
Zyxt book (EP3)
Joseph Clayton Mills
Entr’acte, 2010/2012
Correspondence MP3
Web exclusive
The Wire, 2010
System Failure cassette (E88)
Steven Hess solo
Entr’acte, 2010
‘Occupation Floor’ WAV
They Don’t Know Unless You Tell Them
Flingco Sound System, 2009
Trebuchet CD (E75)
Entr’acte, 2009
The Medium 12"/MP3
Flingco Sound System, 2009
Repetition cassette
Bloodlust!, 2009
Velocimane/Çukurova 10" (E60)
Split with Cristal
Entr’acte, 2008
Repetition MP3 EP
Crouton, 2008
Correction 7" (E47/A67)
Entr’acte/Absurd, 2007
1V2E/Danjon Scale 12" (E37)
Split with Mouths
Entr’acte, 2006
‘Indifference —> Building On Fire’
Two Million Tongues Festival CD
Bastet, 2005

Left to right: Hess, Sonderberg, Mills