Haptic and Lisa Slodki
Triptych (2009)
Video monitors, VCRs, videotape, mixer,
contact microphones, and speakers

Curated by Michael Green and Tricia Van Eck
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
6–29 November 2009

Haptic and Lisa Slodki, MCA, 2009 [Vimeo]

Combining analogue and digital technology with found images,
experimental musicians Haptic and video artist Lisa Slodki create
improvised audiovisual collaborations. Haptic’s densely textured
soundscapes range from quiet minimalist compositions to violent,
but carefully controlled noise. Slodki uses VCRs, video monitors,
and projections of digitally manipulated black-and-white footage
to generate overlapping images that resemble early silent cinema.
  In contrast to the improvisational nature of the artists’ live
performances, Triptych (2009) is a self-sustaining installation that
fuses sound and image. VCRs play looped black-and-white images
on three small monitors, with the looped footage from the first
two monitors superimposed on the third to create a mysterious
synthesis of images. In addition to the visual component of the
installation, a number of small microphones capture, amplify,
and transmit the sounds of the video equipment throughout the
gallery, creating an immersive environment that draws attention
to the mechanical processes used to make the work.
  As part of the installation, Haptic and Slodki performed live in
the gallery once a week throughout the month-long installation.
During these performances the artists further manipulated the
visual and auditory components of Triptych through the use of
additional projections and monitors as well as electronic and
acoustic instruments.

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Three Panels: Haptic live on WNUR, 7 November 2009
Radio session ahead of the first museum performance,
utilising sounds and materials from the installation.

Top: installation views. Photographs by Nathan
Keay; © Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Above: Haptic and Slodki, live at the MCA,
10 November 2009

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