Kallabris is the project of Michael Anacker. Active since 1986,
its work has been described as ‘electro-acoustic chamber music’
— a description which should be taken literally. Anacker’s main
interest is a reflection on the electro-mechanical conditions of
sound recording presented in everyday recording devices such
as cheap home computers, dictaphones and answering machines.
Thus, he is not interested in the limits of musical styles but in
the limitations of sound (re)production.

See also
Kallabris/The Book of Ten

 Selected discography 

Plays and Sings for Money LP (E221)
Entr’acte, 2017
Kallabris + Lepenik
…on what there is… LP
God Records, 2014
The Standard of a Fly LP (E79/JT118)
Entr’acte/Jazztone, 2010
30 CD (E86/JT115)
With Jacques Beloeil
Entr’acte, 2010
Music for very simple objects 10"
Substantia Innominata, 2009
Inbetween the sound sound (E76/JT116)
Split cassette with Legowelt
Entr’acte/Jazztone, 2009
Hund vor die Tür LP (E49/JT119)
Entr’acte/Jazztone, 2007
Off Mind 3" CD (E26/JT123)
Entr’acte/Jazztone, 2006
Kettenwindel CD
Tonto/Jazztone, 2004
Kasha-Pâshâna CD
Old Europa Café, 2003
Shanghai 12"
Genesungswerk/Jazztone, 2002
No Bingo CD
Jazztone, 2002
Considération Sur/Sous Le Café 7"
Genesungswerk/Jazztone, 2001
81° n.B., 178° ö.L. 7"
Drone Records, 2000
Hafalgar 10"
CoC/Jazztone, 1991
A Smile For Brandon cassette
Jazztone, 1990
Njonto LP
Jazztone, 1988
Kallabris LP
Jazztone, 1987

Michael Anacker, Bochum 2009
Photograph by Karsten Fähnrich