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The Standard of a Fly
LP (E79/JT118)


Belgium £16.50 (including postage)

Europe £18.50 (including postage)

Rest of world £23 (including postage)

Edition of 200 copies


The Standard of a Fly [Vimeo]



1. Mit Der Eselsmütze In Der

Ecke Stehen

2. Noch Ein Jeder Hat In Der Zinkwanne

Das Reisen Erlernt!

3. Kaffeeimpressionen Aus Togo

4. Auch Das Jagdmündel Hat Eine


5. Showdown Im Tamtam-Kino

6. Auftritt Eines Erklecklichen Rauschens

Im Hinteren Bereich

7. Handarbeiten


1. Glückliche Tiere Mit Schlechten


2. The Standard Of A Fly (Die Schwoof-


3. Gemeinplätze Über Meinen Garten

4. The Standard Of A Fly

(Chicago School)

Most of side A was recorded using the kallophone: a string instrument with three piezoelectric speakers which are used as pickups; two on its suface and one within. It is usually played automatically by an electromotor, but it can also be used as a microphone. It is also possible to operate this device manually, as I have done several times.

The piano on A3 was played by Michael Flacke, interpreting the original score of Considération Sur le Café (origianlly released as a 7" — Considération Sur/Sous Le Café — by Genesungswerk in 2001) – hence the overall jazzy flair of the album.

Side B, with the exception of B3, was recorded using a traditional Chinese instrument: the happy animal electronic organ. B3 is a composition for banjo, wind, rain and the occasional oil tree.

The Standard of a Fly was conceived 

for and performed at “No ‘real’ nuts, 

no apples, no garlic”, an Entr’acte

event commissioned by Netwerk

Aalst, Belgium, in October 2007.
The performance was accompanied 

by a film in which the four elements — light, water, potatoes and a flying pig — played a vital role.

See also

Kallabris (E49)

Beloeil/Anacker (E86)

Kallabris (E221)

Kallabris (EP2)

Out of print



Kallabris in Aalst, one banana later.

Photograph by Ema Bonifacic

Everything I ever forgot

can be kept in a little box

When I have lost my mind completely

I can still sell the box

and live on the money

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