The Book of Ten (EP2; 2009)
Booklet [148×105 mm; 24 pages]
First edition of 100 copies

140 lines of numbers and letters.
If you follow their sequence, you will cross them one by one.
If you follow their implicit rules, you will find a multitude of paths.
But be sure to stay on the surface, beyond which there are no lines.

A text of tragedy and a text of comedy are made up of the same letters.
Without the letters the sheets are empty.
Without the numbers you will lose your count.

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From The Book of Ten


Not counting one by one.
But by symbols. On the face
of symbols. Their surface
cuts the day in two halves
and leaves the rest to the
As in 2 is 3
we’ll name the rest E.
As if numbers could mean
something to