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Lucio Capece

RX22: Two RX11 drum machines,

nine suspended speakers, 

a microphone and a stereo PA

CD (E199)


Belgium £13 (including postage)

Europe £15 (including postage)

Rest of world £17 (including postage)


Edition of 200 copies

Mastered by Valerio Tricoli

“RX22 combines the sounds of two RX11 Yamaha drum machines. Built in the 

early 1980s, these drum machines have independent outputs for each element 

of the drum set — hi hats, rides, claps, shakers, etc. I connected a wireless transmitter to each output that sends the signal from each element to a different mini speaker (a total of nine is suspended from the ceiling). I used the main output to simultaneously send the combination of all the elements to a stereo PA.


The wireless transmission has a slight delay which I had incorporated as an additional rhythmic element. I also used 

a microphone in specific sections that enhances this delay and produces 

a subtle reverberation.”


Recorded and mixed by Lucio Capece
in Berlin in January 2016.



Suspended speakers and RX11 recording set-up

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