Marc Behrens (D/KREV)

Born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1970.

Marc Behrens works with electronic and concrete music, installation,
performance, photography, text and video. He has exhibited artworks
or performed in many European countries, in South Africa, Chile, USA,
Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Israel and Palestine.

Since 1989 Behrens has released more than 30 music albums. Besides
field recording-based radio works like Bushdesertrainforest (2009) for
WDR 3 or hr2-kultur, Behrens composed the German-language radio
drama Progress for Deutschlandradio Kultur in 2013, in which rituals
serve to connect the artist’s family history with technical and political
developments. In 2014, Atom™ and Marc Behrens released the Album
Bauteile on Editions Mego, a mind-fuck mix of diverse music styles.
In 2016–2017 Behrens wrote short stories for Colönia (Portugal),
Wrong Wrong (Portugal) and Fylkingen #Tongues_ magazine (Sweden).

2006–2010: lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts,
Saarbrücken, Germany (HBKSaar)
2007–2009: lecturer at the University of Applied
Arts Darmstadt-Dieburg, Germany
2003–2007: co-director of the music label Sirr
2006–2009: co-director of the Frankfurt Association
of Contemporary Music (FGNM)
2010–2013: member of Granular (Lisbon)

Behrens is a member of the German Association for Electroacoustic
Music and Sound Art (DEGEM), and a citizen of The Kingdoms of
Elgaland~Vargaland. Between 1989 and 1993 he ran the music label
Animal Art, and his own imprint Availabel since 2014.

Selected collaborators: Atom™, Annesley Black,
Miguel Carvalhais, Maile Colbert, Steve Van den Bosch,
Bernhard Günter, Nikolaus Heyduck (as Behrens Heyduck),
Yôko Higashi, Francisco López, Julia Mihály, profikollektion,
Paulo Raposo, Pedro Tudela, Ho. Turner, Achim Wollscheid

 Selected discography 

Breaking the Elephant’s Legs LP (E248)
Entr’acte, 2020
The Aesthetics of Censorship
digital Availabel, 2016
The Religion of Toxins
digital Availabel, 2015
digital Impulsive Habitat, 2014
Atom™ & Marc Behrens: Bauteile CD/digital
Editions Mego, 2014
Queendom Maybe Rise CD/digital
Crónica, 2013
Irregular Characters CD/booklet
Serralves/SOOPA, 2013
Unit CD/Cutting Qinghai book
and/OAR, 2012
Final Final Ballet 12"/digital (E110)
Entr’acte, 2012
Apparatus CDR
Agxivatein, 2011
20 Zonen CD
Auf Abwegen, 2011
Sleppet CD
Crónica, 2009
A Narrow Angle CD (E71)
Entr’acte, 2009
Architectural Commentaries 4&5 CD (E45)
Entr’acte, 2007
Entity Mülheim double DVD
Auf Abwegen, 2007
Hades CD
With Paulo Raposo
and/OAR, 2006
Coincident CD (E28)
Marc Behrens/Dave Phillips/
Cheapmachines/Keith Berry

Entr'acte, 2005
Further Consequences Of Reinterpretation CD
With Paulo Raposo
Crónica, 2004
Animistic (for Donatella) CD
Auf Abwegen, 2004
A Szellem Álma double CD
with Francisco López
.absolute.[koblenz], 2004
Security vs. Freedom double 3" CD
edition..., 2003
Architectural Commentaries CD
CMR, 2002
Elapsed Time CD
intransitive, 2001
Integração CD
Sirr, 2001
Contraction CD
Digital Narcis, 1999
Final Ballet CD
Rastermusic/Noton, 1998
Advanced Environmental Control CD
trente oiseaux, 1995

Photo by Ivan da Silva, 2014