CD (E128)

CDJ/Sony Walkman/Revox A77/Memory Man

Recorded by Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti
in Oreno, February 2011

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Giuseppe Ielasi (E129)
Out of print

Edition of 350 copies
Out of print

A vinyl edition (released in March 2013)
is available from Holidays Records


The Bellows duo is quite an unusual and interesting
one in the world of modern experimental music, or at
least the kind I normally listen to in that it is based
directly around the way rhythmic loops work around
one another to produce mesmeric patterns and shapes.
For the seven tracks here the duo use tape loops, CD
Walkmen and a CDJ to produce music that consists
of bleeps, yelps, scratches and moans in kaleidoscopic
patterns slowly revolving on themselves. There is a
strong sense of dub reggae at it most simplest here
(which is when it was most often good) though none
of the actual sounds we associate with that genre can
be found, just a general feel to how the music works,
how the parts, albeit quite different ones to those
found in dub fit together and affect each other in
simple yet effective ways. I am reminded a little of
the early experiments of Pole, Porter Ricks and the
Rhythm and Sound label as strangely awkward bleeps
and whistles are fed through delay pedals and looped
in slow circles but more often than not here the rhythms
formed in the music feel decentered and out of sync,
far from something you could tap your feet to.

Richard Pinnell at The Watchful Ear