Dead Girl’s Party
The Things I’ve Lost
Cassette (E106)

1. The First Pill
2. I’m a Tick-Tock Bomb
3. Spin the Wheel!

1. U-Boat Flu/Abandon Ship!
2. The Things I’ve Thrown Away

Matt Krefting: Voice, keyboard, electronics, tapes
Scott Foust: Voice, guitar, tapes, radio

Matt Krefting, “The Sexiest Man In Rock” (Son Of Earth,
Matt Krefting Band, IFCO, etc.) and Scott Foust, “A Legendary
Legend” (IFCO, Tart, XX Committee, etc.) team up for an
unusual album of songs. Using a very odd lo-fi and yet lush
sense of production and sparse instrumentation of mainly
guitar, keyboard and voice, Dead Girl’s Party construct songs
that are both claustrophobic and pastoral. Each song is its
own little world. In your mind. A desperate message from
desperate men on a desperate format. “No more days...”

See also
Scott Foust/Stranded
Idea Fire Company (E51)

Edition of 100 copies
Out of print


Dead Girl’s Party is a Scott Foust (Idea Fire Company) side
project where he teams up with Matt Krefting, who I think
has occasionally played in live IFCO lineups. The Things I’ve
Lost combines droning synths, electronics, radio waves and
guitar with vocal wailings, tending to convey a raw sense of
desperation and futility on dirges such as The First Pill and
U-Boat Flu, or a postpunk-riddled anger on I’m A Tick Tock
Bomb. Their spare sound and interminable repetitions are
highly commendable, and at times the tape harks back
to Foust’s first band XX Committee from the early 1980s,
although Dead Girl’s Party are not quite as suffocatingly
intense. Foust would probably disavow it, but I think this
release could appeal to listeners of the so-called Cold Wave
genre, and with its generally bleak tenor it sometimes feels
like a lost record from the United Dairies catalogue.

Ed Pinsent at The Sound Projector