Filter Feeder
Feeding Frenzy
CD (E8)

A collection of works by Julian Doyle, recorded between
2002 and 2004 around a theme of media distortion and
propaganda, largely in reaction to coverage of the build-
up to and eventual war in Iraq.

“Feeding Frenzy was a burst of energy triggered by
anger and disbelief at the so-called ‘War on Terror’
and the mainstream media support for it. On reflection,
I think it’s a messy album in many ways but it felt like
an urgent response and events have hardly changed
to make me think that was an unreasonable feeling.
Simultaneously I was finding my way with electronic
music, having previously worked mainly with percussion
and turntables. Much of the album was made with field
recordings, a sampler, a drum machine and a couple
of effects units and processors.”

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