Jean-Baptiste Favory
Big Endings
CD (E89)

Big Ending (2007)
‘Big endings’ are those chaotic and violent moments which terminate
many rock music tracks. Organised here in a multitrack collage, these
‘big endings’ are also the concrete sound image of the end of rock
itself as an innovative, rebellious musical form. One hundred samples.

Leyendas Urbanas (1997)
Composed during a residency in Monterrey, Mexico, this composition
juxtaposes the bustling city’s soundscapes with sounds from its
surrounding arid desert. The tumult of urban nightclubs and the sing-
ing of the insects of the Sierra Madre mountain range places man at
the center of a series of dualities, where listeners must find their
own place.

La Catastrophe d’assèchement (1999)
Based on Sándor Ferenczi’s book, Sex in Psycho-Analysis and the
Development of Psycho-Analysis, this piece retraces the evolution
of living creatures, from conception to death. The majority of
sounds are derived from tabla and bongos, alongside the compo-
ser’s voice and recordings of the four elements — air, fire, earth
and water.

Pour Les Voyageurs (2004)
Five music boxes play on a metallic plate; the tape is then slowed
down four times...

Paris-born and based Jean-Baptiste Favory studied composition with
Julio Estrada, Gérard Pape, and Harry Halbrecht, and has worked as
Luc Ferrari’s and Gavin Bryars’ assistant. A former producer for
Radio France, he is the presenter of Epilonia, a programme dedicated
to experimental music on Radio Libertaire, and a contributor to the
magazines Revue & Corrigée (France) and Muusika (Estonia).
  Following a year of work at the CCMIX (Centre de Création Musicale
Iannis Xenakis), Favory went on to co-found the CLSI (Circle for
Liberation of Sound and Images) in 2007: a group of eight compo-
sers, performing with graphical scores, conducted by the director
Paul Méfano.
  Favory’s studio, the Stu-Stu, is used for recording sessions and
tape restoration alongside his own work.

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Edition of 300 copies
Out of print

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Gerardo Monsivais, 2010