Marc Behrens
Final Final Ballet
12" (E110)

Final Ballet, composed in 1996, is dance music for a non-
existent ballet. At the time of its release by Raster-Noton
in 1998, several choreographers that Behrens had proposed
the music to had rejected it angrily. The work was largely
misunderstood as another instance of the Clicks & Cuts or
Glitch styles that R-N and Mille Plateaux had been associated
with at the time when, in fact, it was a statement by an
artist needing to come to terms with his own past entangle-
ment with Techno. And regarding Techno, the statement
was final.

The original CD has long been out of print. For this edition
the tracks have been remastered and the remaining four
Scenes which don't appear on the 12" are available to
purchasers of the record as a complementary download.

Finally final.

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Edition of 200 copies

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Marc Behrens, 1996
Photo by Nina Werth