Sudden Infant/Carlos Giffoni
Oslo Oscillation Orgy
12" (E40)

This collaborative release has its origins in a joint
performance which took place in ‘a shady pub in
London’ [the Strongroom in Shoreditch] in 2006,
according to Carlos. Recordings have since been
exchanged and reworked, and finalised when the
two played together again in Oslo this year.

Based in Berlin, Joke Lanz toils ceaselessly to
create new sounds. He crafts an abrupt musique
concrète, a bewildering edifice of no-fi electronics,
turntables, and unexpected and disorientating
sound sources. Since 1986 he has appeared under
a variety of guises besides the ubiquitous Sudden
Infant, including Schnäbi Gaggi Pissi Gaggi, WAL,
Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather, and Opposite
Opponents. Lanz is also the co-founder and
a member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe.

Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan artist based in New
York. His compositions utilise analogue and digital
synthesis, modular manipulation, feedback systems,
and rewired electronic instruments. He is a prolific
performer, appearing with Thurston Moore,
Jim O’Rourke, Kid 606, Merzbow and Smegma,
amongst many others. Carlos was the curator of
the annual experimental music No Fun Fest in
Brooklyn, and also a member of no wave/noise/
rock trio Monotract.

See also
LDS Relationchips (E6)

Edition of 200 copies
Out of print)

Joke Lanz and Carlos Giffoni, looking forward to
another UK tour. Photograph by Joke Lanz, 2006


Two masters of noise team up. For some reason
I expected the full forty minute blast, but not so.
Of course, this record is not the softest discussed
this week, but it turned out to be one interesting
slab of sound — skipping vinyl, looping of sounds,
manipulations through computers… Occasionally
these things explode into noise, but throughout
everything sounded more thorough than I
anticipated. Intelligent noise, well crafted.

Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly