Adam Asnan
Klangspiel Bambus
Cassette (E195)

A single work that consists of recordings of a sound-construction-
automata, including de/activations, adjustments, interventions and
general ambience, made directly to cassette.
  Each cassette spans its independent capacity’s worth of the work,
the total length being defined by the combined amount of units in
the edition (i.e. 1/30th × 30).

The recording chain:
2 × Line Audio CM3 wide-cardioid microphones
2 × unspecified 6m OFC XLR cables (grey)
1 × Sound Devices 442 production mixer/preamp (80hz HPF enabled)
1 × Tascam 122MKII master cassette recorder

The sound-construction-automata was dismantled once the work was
complete. Aside from the sample used for the preview (which is its own
dedicated recording) the work has no digital counterpart; the edition
is the sole document.

Adam Asnan is an electroacoustic musician and
location sound recordist, based between London
and Berlin. His work promotes the aesthetic potential
of recorded, amplified sound, the auditory ‘image’
and the virtues of spatialisation.

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One-off edition of 30 numbered copies (out of print)