Jon Doe One
Small Numbers
LP/CD (E237)

Jon Doe One is the alter ego of Hannes d’Hoine, a double-bass player
and composer from Antwerp. His collaboration with guitarist Sjoerd
Bruil and Magnum photographer Sohrab Hura, The lost head and the
, has led to a series of live events in which the framework for
Small Numbers was established. Together with a handful of guest
musicians (Elko Blijweert, Michaël Brijs, Jeroen Stevens, Han Stubbe
and Gert Wyninckx) the material was distilled and refined into the
album’s eight tracks.

The lost head and the bird [Vimeo]

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Limited edition LP (200 copies; out of print) and CD (150 copies)
The LP includes a booklet of photographs by Sohrab Hura

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