Nicolas Bernier
Frequencies (Synthetic Variations)
CD (E163)

Nicolas Bernier’s Frequencies (Synthetic Variations) is
his first piece made entirely of synthetic sounds. Having
evolved within the musique concrète and field recording
traditions, Bernier wanted to break with habit — the
result being 15 short movements of warped and crackling
textures, vividly articulated sine waves and rhythmic
bursts of pattern. The piece is designed to be listened to
at random (the sound sample above is such a sequence),
offering a new duration and dynamics with every hearing.
It is also part of a sound and light performance series,
where both elements have been precisely knit together
in a kind of synaesthesia — enabling the listener to either
hear the light or see the sound.

Frequencies (Synthetic Variations)
Live in Lausanne, October 2013 [Vimeo]

Frequencies (A) was awarded the Golden Nica
at the 2013 Prix Ars Electronica
Intimate Frequencies

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi


It crackles, rumbles and grooves. Nicolas Bernier’s
new EP, his first entirely made of synthesized sounds,
evokes the pure electronic experiments of Ryoji Ikeda,
the ultra-minimalist techno of the Raster-Noton label,
the trashier glitch aesthetics of early Pita. Frequencies
cut each other, extremely filtered-out sounds seep in
through the flaps and pulses. 24 minutes, 15 very
short tracks to be listened to in random mode,
a surprising record.

Monsieur Délire