Stanier Black-Five & Zeug Gezeugt
Body Waves
CD (E157)

On 22 February 2011, an earthquake measuring 6.3
on the Richter Scale hit Christchurch, which combined
with a series of massive aftershocks destroyed huge
swathes of the New Zealand city. At its epicentre in
the port of Lyttelton, sound artist Jo Burzynska (Stanier
Black-Five) grabbed a recording device as she ran from
her home, leaving it running on her doorstep capturing
the aftershocks that ricocheted though her house and
the disaster unfolding on the street outside. This unique
recording of the first hour after the earthquake, as well
the sounds of seismic and related phenomena of the
months that followed, became the main source for Body
Waves. The album is a series of three collaborative live
performances made around the world with electro-
acoustic performer Malcolm Riddoch (Zeug Gezeugt),
who used feedback to tune Body Waves to the unique
resonant frequencies of each acoustic space in which
it was performed. In this vibroacoustic environment,
the audience/listeners are immersed in music that
goes beyond the auditory system to be felt in the
body, akin to the experience of being in an earthquake.

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Global Ear — Christchurch (The Wire, January 2013)
New Zealand TV report about Body Waves

Edition of 200 copies

Evacuation sign sprayed on Jo Burzynska’s
path during the emergency to show the house
is cleared.


[Body Waves] pivots on rhythm and continuity,
reformatting the sonic phenomena of seismic
activity into a heavily layered, dramatic composition.
Its component parts — dense bass frequencies
oscillating into and back out of distortion, occasional
impact crashes, washes of granular sound clouds
and metallic drones — are rolled together into a
cacophonous, surround-sound blast.

Nick Cain in The Wire